Infant program

Infants learn about the world through touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell. We provide your infant with a loving and nurturing environment to foster the daily development of infant minds and bodies. 

Toddler program

We form strong, caring relationships with your toddler and guide them through learning experiences that stimulate their development and reinforce the skills they’re taught at home.

Preschooler program

Each day we provide opportunities for your preschoolers to explore science experiments, create artwork, play characters and movement games. By doing so, they can learn following directions and other key skills for learning success.

Afterschool Care program

We understand  the growing physical, intellectual, and social competence of the increasingly independent school-age child. They are eager to expand their knowledge of the world, make friends, and take on new challenges. Our programs offer learning opportunities in a fun environment and provide after school, back-up or emergency care for school holidays and closings.

Children's Corner Daycare
Fresh Meadows, NY
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